government spending

The era of multi trillion-dollar deficits must come to an end. As our debt increases, so does the cost of debt service. This cost, as it grows, crowds out our ability to spend in other areas which are appropriate for discretionary spending. Agencies that are redundant or unnecessary must be eliminated. I support a responsible balanced budget amendment to force the government to spend within its means. I would also support legislation to limit the size and scope of the federal government.

trade & energy

The United States should favor open and free markets throughout the world. We should only consider imposing tariffs and trade restrictions on nations that engage in unfair trade practices that undermine our economy for their own advantage. We must incentivize domestic industries to manufacture products necessary to our survival within the United States. We must never be beholden to any other nation for the items we need to survive and thrive.

The United States must return to energy independence. We not only have the capability to provide for our own energy needs, but we can also regain our position as a net total energy exporter to the rest of the world. The Keystone XL pipeline must be completed and it’s time to end the bureaucratic stranglehold the government has on drilling on federal lands. We should continue to pursue breakthroughs in clean and green energy, but we must recognize that fossil fuels are vital to our survival and will continue to be over the course of this century. Expanding our nuclear power capacity will provide green energy that solar and wind techniques will never match.

crime & justice

Crime affects the lives of all Americans, not just those who are its direct victims. Our law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and IRS, must be fair and even-handed. They must not become tools to further political agendas. We must appoint judges who will enforce the law and prosecute crime. The federal government can set the tone by embracing policies that show respect for the rule of law and for those who enforce it.

border security & immigration

No nation can survive long if it does not maintain its sovereignty. We must control our borders. The United States has always been a welcoming nation, but we must be allowed to restrict immigration to those who will make a positive impact on our society and who are willing to embrace our way of life. Illegal immigration and our current open borders policies encourage human trafficking and the smuggling of deadly drugs such as fentanyl. This must end.

national defense & foreign affairs

The United States is a key player in world affairs and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, but we must put the interests of our country first in our dealings with other nations. A compelling national interest must be identified before intervening both diplomatically and militarily in the international arena. Our mission must not be to nation-build. We should defend our allies and support the structures of alliances we’ve created or enabled. America must reevaluate our financial support of the United Nations and eliminate funding for agencies and programs that run contrary to our national interests.

We must fund our military to support our security needs and meet the many challenges ahead. America’s defense spending needs to be cost-effective and limited to programs that directly affect combat effectiveness. We can be more efficient procuring and developing weapons systems and military structures. It’s time to stop the multi-billion-dollar cost overruns and spending on redundant and inefficient systems and programs. We also must take care of our veterans, which includes supporting a more effective Veterans Administration. The military is not a laboratory for social experimentation.

the environment

We should be proper stewards of the environment but should never become entangled in agreements that hamstring our economy while giving a free pass to our global competitors, such as China. America should never subordinate our country to any of the globalist “green” organizations that wish to control what America does.